‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ Non-Spoiler Review


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Hit the ground running. Pull your audience into the world you have created. This should be the goal of every filmmaker. A goal that was definitely achieved by Susanna Fogel, the director and co-writer of this delightful, action spy caper. The start of this movie feels like it could easily be the opening scene in a Bond/Bourne film. The action scenes were very well choreographed with very little shaky cam and inspiring cinematography. You felt right in the middle of it. However, what sets this film apart from the aforementioned spy films is that it is not just an action film but a comedy as well. So as you are enjoying Justin Theroux, the titular spy Drew, punch dudes in the face and run through marketplaces, you are also shown Mila Kunis’ character Audrey lamenting that Drew has dumped her and subsequently burning his stuff. The juxtaposition of comedy and action throughout the film keeps the story fun and exciting, never knowing if you will be getting a fast paced car chase or a Kate McKinnon physical comedy master class.

Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon) are two best friends who get swept up in the world of international espionage when they find out Audrey’s ex-boyfriend was a spy. The girls’ friendship is the grounding force of this movie and Kunis and McKinnon’s chemistry was very palpable. You believed that they were lifelong friends. They played off of each other so well, with Mila playing the more relatable funny friend against Kate’s wacky, free-spirited personality. However, Mila definitely held her own with the Saturday Night Live legend. I feel Kunis has definitely found her comedy niche with this most recent film and her previous work Bad Moms. McKinnon has not really parlayed her SNL success to the big screen as of yet, but this is her most well-rounded and satisfying outing to date.


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The supporting cast is a fun mixed bag of newcomers accompanied by a tv legend. Sam Heughan, of STARZ Outlander fame and stand up comedian Hasan Minhaj play CIA agents whose boss is none other than Dana Scully herself, Gillian Anderson. Heughan gets a lot to do in this movie from stunt work to some back & forth comedy with Kunis & McKinnon. It was a nice change of pace from the period drama he is mostly known for. Anderson deftly played her part of “The Beyonce of the Government” as stated by McKinnon’s character Morgan. She served her purpose but I wish Anderson was utilized a bit more. Her character was so mysterious that I would have loved more scenes with her, especially playing off Kate McKinnon. A standout for me was newcomer, Ivanna Sakhno, who played a model/gymnast/assassin. Her facial expressions and physical skills were a joy to watch.

This was a fun summer movie that didn’t take itself too seriously. It reminded me of previous Melissa McCarthy films such as Spy and The Heat along with the remake of Get Smart. It didn’t quite live up to it’s potential but even though it didn’t land where it perhaps wanted to, it was enjoyable nonetheless.


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Spoiler Review/Recap


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**Warning: This post will be discussing episode 6×10, other events of season 6 and predictions for future seasons. Ye have been warned!**

Alright let’s dive right in! I know the season 6 finale has already been out a week, but I needed that time to soak in all of it’s magnificence and watch it 10 more times. That had to be one of the most satisfying finales I have ever watched! Every character’s storyline was wrapped up in a very definitive way yet still set up next season’s storyline so perfectly that I had to shout in frustration knowing we have a year long wait until the story can continue.

We start the episode off with a beautiful piano score from Ramin Djawadi that matched the tone and emotions being played on screen perfectly. At first I was a little taken aback due to the piano/organ parts. The usual score never really utilized those instruments before to my knowledge, but the music complimented the visuals so well that I was completely enthralled for the entire sequence. I knew there was no way Cersei was going to stand trial willingly but I truly did not expect the lengths she would take to get her way. She truly is on “Mad Queen” levels, but more on that later. I wanted so badly for Margaery Tyrell to escape the explosion, having felt she had so much more to offer the overarching story but alas it was not meant to be. The performances from Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow) and Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) in that last scene, where you can see it in their eyes that they know Cersei has won, is just top notch. I was happy to finally put an end to the High Sparrow storyline but ultimately sad that it was at the cost of Queen Margaery, one of the best to play the game. We’ve been with her from Renley to Joffery to Tommen but in the end it was the High Sparrow that ended her reign. Natalie Dormer said as much in her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Margaery is a fatality of the High Sparrow underestimating Cersei. She had the reins taken away from her, from being in control of the situation; the High Sparrow took the reins and it proves that he underestimated Cersei in a way that Margaery never would have. She ends up dying on the show not because she didn’t beat Cersei, but because she trusted that someone else — the Sparrow — was handling her.” 

Rest in Peace Sweet Rose.


Ok, I’m off my Margaery soap box. Cersei is basically Queen by default because she literally killed off all the competition and a good chunk of the population of Kings Landing (Goodnight gentle Tommen). Fine. Fine. Just go ahead and keep that throne warm for Dany. I can’t wait for next season when Drogon burns you to a crisp and eats you a la Lord Farquaad in Shrek!


Up in the North, Jon Snow is finally recognized by his peers and crowned King in the North (I always shout this any time I read it) much to the chagrin of Littlefinger. Don’t mess this up Lord Baelish! The North is in a good spot right now! Sansa, you better keep your secret admirer in line! Side note: MVP for this scene goes to Lady Lyanna Mormont. That little girl was boss. #LyannaForPresident We also learned that finally, finally R+L=J or in simple terms Jon is half Targaryen half Stark! Look it up non nerds! What does that mean going forward? Well I hope it means Jon gets to ride a dragon. Dany’s got 2 spares. Come on writers!

Before we talk about Daenerys let’s give a round of applause to Arya for giving us one of the most satisfying deaths of the season! A girl is finally done with her Assassin’s Creed training and has made her way to Westeros & she’s not wasting any time! Walder Frey eats a slice of humble Frey pie and meets his demise at the end of Arya’s sword.



And now, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are sitting down because FINALLY Daenerys Stomborn of the House Targaryen, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea has set sail for Westeros!!! It only took 6 seasons everybody! Let’s See:

  • Army of Unsullied
  • Hoard of Dothraki
  • Ironborn Fleet
  • Support of the Tyrells & Martells (courtesy of Varys)
  • 3 Mother ‘Effin DRAGONS!!

Dany is more than well equipped to take the Iron Throne & Cersei better pray Jamie comes to his senses & kills her before she becomes dragon fodder next season.

Oh you think you will have a long reign? That’s cute. 


Side note: Dany has ditched Darrio for Yara and Tyrion was made Hand of the Queen. If you weren’t smiling from ear to ear for Tyrion during that moment you are dead inside!

So in a season full of answers and finallys, we end on a high note, salivating for the next chapter.

Predictions for next season:

  • Dany vs Cersei Queen Bowl
  • Continuation of Lady Olenna vs Sandsnakes Smackdown
  • Stark Reunion (I’m looking at you Arya & Bran)
  • Brienne + Tormund: A Love Story
  • Littlefinger doing littlefinger things
  • White Walkers come in towards the end of the season & wreck sh*t up
  • The Red Woman meets up with the Hound & the Brotherhood with No Banners
  • Sam actually uses that Valyrian steel sword
  • Miguel Sapochnik directs every episode!!!

Next season is gonna be straight fire!! Til next time……


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